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© 2019 by Bianca Broos 

Where does your customer service begin?

January 17, 2019

When does customer service begin in your work? 

Most people will say that it starts when they first meet their client or customer. 


Let's try to reframe that. 


In today's marketplace, as you are reading this note you are on social media, you're being exposed to other coaches and strategists, people who do exactly what I do. 


I'd like to think of customer/client service as a cultural value. 


What I post here is meant to serve you, it's meant to add value, to engage with you and connect. 


If we think of service as a way of life, I wonder how much more our clients and customers would feel served. 


My work is not just about meeting the deadline, it's about meeting you and supporting you in your endeavors, long before we ever meet.

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