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Expectations & Real Life

December 4, 2018

Sometimes life has a way of taking your expectations, laughing at them, and completely changing everything all at once. For my team and me, that meant that this weekend mixed in with a hefty workload, we got a bad case of food poisoning. Priorities shifted, perspectives shifted, and yes, the workload shifted. 

None of us can control the circumstances that will hit us and often shift the focus, but we have some measure of power over how we decide next. 

I often get to work with clients who are in the visioning stage. The "if I was _____ I could _______." <--- fill in that blanks for yourself. 

It's my job to help you take that blank and create an action plan to get there. That's the part that people forget about - the getting there. That's is the work, pushing past the circumstance or retooling and regrouping.

A vision is just a vision unless, of course, you put some traction on it. And if you're being asked to shift, you can't just do it with no rhyme or reason; this is a call to shift not to spin out. You've got put some intention and a purpose behind the agreement to shift. 

When a client is scared to put action to their vision, I get to be the coach and go with them. It's the thrill of my work.

So what big vision are you holding? How can you put some traction on it? I'd love to hear from you,

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