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Taking Chances

August 22, 2018

Taking chances: "To do (something) despite its being dangerous or of uncertain outcome." Entrepreneurs take chances every single day. They take a chance the moment that they set a priority, they take a chance when they walk into a networking event, and they take a chance when they level up in their business.

Chance often can feel like recklessness to those peering in from the outside. But what they don't see is the late nights pouring over spreadsheets, running the numbers over and again to make sure we're not going mad. They don't see the shaking hands before logging on to our first Livestream (or our 30th, or our 100th). They don't know the disappointment when a proposal doesn't get signed, or you get that "we've decided to move in a different direction" email. Chances aren't taken lightly. 
Taking a chance in business is indeed a moment of weighing the odds and deciding to leap despite having no assurance that it will work.

Chance is like having faith. Faith in your purpose, your work, your strengths, and skills, in your calling and your drive. 
But most importantly, it's faith in your innate worth as a human being to do this work and to make a difference. 
I want to encourage you to take a chance today - even if it's a small one. And let's connect in the comments below!
What's the most significant chance you've taken in your career?

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