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Finding Balance

August 14, 2018

 Women Entrepreneurs ask me about "work-life balance" - I don't know why anyone would think that I could help them with that endeavor, perhaps it's because I look like I've got the balance down. 

But what you don't see is the conversations I am having with myself, the battles I wage with guilt and shame, the piles of things that don't get done, and the countless "redo". Here's the thing. We all wish we had more balance. But I am not so sure that we have been taught to define balance. 

What does that look like for you? How do you know you've got it? 

For me, balance is found in moving through the challenges.


I try to spend less time focusing on creating balance and more time moving through the things that come up. 

Planning well is key and flexibility to move through the unknown is the secret sauce that keeps me sane on moving through the challenges and demands of the day. 

I find that women who are aware of their strengths and their challenges can better define what balance looks like for them and how they can move through their daily demands. 

You've got the things you need to create a strategy, and you've got me - should you want a coach to talk it through with. 

We're all this together.

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