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Time & Impact

July 24, 2018


Time - people get emotional and philosophical about time. So here goes my take on time -- I don't know how much of it I have but it's all mine to spend however I choose. 

That's the pressure point, isn't it, not that I don't have enough of it, but that the responsibility of how I spend my time is all mine. 

And this responsibility naturally ups the ante, the stakes are high because time spent is directly correlated to the impact I have. 

The other day I was watching a father hold his baby and I remembered when I first held my girls. Those moments of connecting, that time spent, had an impact on them and me. Each moment spent with my babies carved a path in our lives and shaped them as humans. That time was valuable, and its impact was high. 

Is the time I spend watching reality TV less valuable? 

Maybe, but it depends on why we do what we do, how we weigh the responsibility at the moment and how we respond to the need at hand. 

I like to think that it's important to use the time to meet needs and carve a path that betters and furthers us in some way. 

To me, time is only part of the equation. 

If time is a value then the equation would be:

Time + Need Met = Impact

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