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© 2019 by Bianca Broos 

A Letter to my Younger Self

March 19, 2018




Sweet Girl, it’s going to be okay. Life is going to get better.  


You’ll fight for it all. It’s worth it. Every bit of push, and every inch of victory. 


Don’t forget to breathe.


Vigilance is a strength of the warrior, but you will do well to remember that not every moment is a battle.


You’ll learn that lesson, later on, don’t be too hard on yourself for taking a bit longer to trust. You’ll find your tribe. People who will fight for you and fight you, if they must - you’re worth as much. 


Every single thing you have ever done or that has happened to you will come together, one thread at a time. Don’t rush it. Don’t force it. 


You are not behind. 


Neither being behind nor being ahead is anything worth measuring for. 


Someday you will learn your path. It will come together, and you'll be wiser, stronger, and better equipped because of it.


This weekend I read a beautiful piece of copy. It was a conversation that Jenna Kutcher, of the brilliant "Goal Digger Podcast", had with a young woman. It caused her to think back to when she was younger and what advice she might give. She then invited others to write a letter to their younger self.


This would be mine. I hope this Monday we can all take a moment to reflect on this notion. I hope we can challenge ourselves to be rooted in our strength and our stories, and to move forward in our authenticity. 

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