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© 2019 by Bianca Broos 

Write Your Story

March 14, 2018

I had bit my tongue and held my breath, I had walked out into the unknown and came back muddy, in tears, filled with doubt, an emotional hangover, feeling like I had been beaten up by the very words I spoke. They say that you cannot tell your story if you are not ready to tell it.


What does ready look like?


Where does ready come from?


Who decides?


How do you know you are ready? 


If you asked me what I remember first of myself, it is me as a storyteller. I was born ready. Telling my story was never my problem. My problem was safety. 


I never felt safe enough to tell "my story." 


Words. They tell the story. They land in people, touch them, move them. Words create space, give comfort, paint memories, provoke anger, start movements, cause change. 


A story is made of words wrapped around an experience that is fully yours. Your feelings, emotions, memories, causes, effects, a beautifully enveloped life, fully spread out for others to hear and take in, developing in them and calling forth their story. 


You can tell your story, even if you are not ready.


You don't need an audience.


You need a blank page, a pen. 


Let yourself speak words you have held, words given to you, words you have collected, words that spring forth and even words that threaten to tear into you if you write them down. 


Write anyway.


Speak up anyway.


You are so much stronger than you think you are. You are here.


With pen, paper, a cursor blinking on a blank page...




Your story is essential to who you are; it holds no power over you.


You are ready.


The time is now. 


For those of us who have spoken out and felt unsafe: I am with you. Your words matter, your story is essential, don't let others dictate the message you are here to bring, practice standing up and speaking out. 


Learn to listen and learn to speak; you may just be the prophet for those who are needing the hope your story brings.



On March 14, National Write Your Story Day challenges you to tell your story in written form. This is Bianca Broos' response to such a beautiful prompt. We hope you will join the brand in celebration by sharing a piece of your personal story. Whether it is naming the things from your past or speaking your resonance with the power of the written word, please join us using the hashtag #WorkflourishStory #Workflourish and #WriteYourStoryDay.



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